Your money or your life


Sent off the agency agreement today. And OMG there was a reason I only equeried agents – Almost R30 to send a letter to America! Are they insane?! SAPO, this better get there, you bastards.

Anyway, duly depleted of my cash (that’s 1 and 1/2 boxes of fags, or almost two KFC streetwise 2s, or two beers. *sigh*) I trundled back home.

I so love walking past men toting machine guns.

Well, not really, actually.

Of course, I had to pass the Spar as the coin vans are coming in. Normally if I see cash vehicles I make the world’s biggest diversion because I just don’t feel like being butchered in the cross-fire if someone decides to do an armed robbery-slash-cash-in-transit-hijacking, but sometimes it’s just impossible.

As you can tell, no one tried to rob anyone, and the security guards didn’t suddenly snap and start killing passers-by.

Still, I don’t like it.

So money was on my mind today. I was thinking about how truly trodden-over waitresses are. When I waitressed, I averaged between R120 and R180 a shift. That was including my R30 wages for the day. If I worked a double shift (7 am to about 1 am but in truth you get home at about 2) I was doing really well if I came home with more than R350.

That means on a shift that came close to 18 hours (gah – check my maths – I’m shocking) I made around $45. From that you have to deduct the R30 to get a taxi home, because there are no busses at night. So…$41.

Of course, instead of going straight home, by the end of a double all you I want is alcohol and to get off your feet while your brain is churning. So it would be off to either Mitchells or Erte for a drink several drinks.

Yep, there’s a reason I was poor.

Still, interesting things used to happen to me back then. 😀

ETA: Tarantino! For the love of Bast will you stop bringing giant locusts into my bedroom to play with. No, I don’t think they make good gifts for people, although I appreciate the sentiment. Things that leap into my face with huge scratchy legs are not my idea of a fun.

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2 Replies to “Your money or your life”

  1. R30? you used the cheap option? oh, you better start praying…maybe the fees came down, though. Last time I sent a mail it cost more. Registered mail.

    mail seems to have a better chance going that way than coming in, though.

  2. Oh feck.

    Do people have to sign for mail if you send it registered?

    (what tells you i don’t do snailmail0

    On the plus sign, the very helpful PO lady, who obviously saw I had a case of the dumb) put my stamps on for me and stamped it and put it in the bin…er..I hope it wasn’t the rubbish bin.



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