You bustard.

I’m finally making actual pen and paper notes of all the rather nebulous Hobverse stuff that’s either been floating about in my head, or was lost in the Great Accidental Wiki-Deletion*.

I’m working out the suits for the cards, and they were pretty obvious to me, and each has an elemental and House symbolism tied to them, and it all makes sense and it all works.

Except the one suit is bustards.

And yeah, I can just imagine Poor Reader going “What? Is this some kind of outlandish spelling of bastard of which I was hitherto unaware? Why are all the other suits birds? WHY DOES THIS STUPID WRITER KEEP MAKING UP WORDS?!”

So, a bustard.

*I did indeed have an entire database of info keeping all the wordbuilding straight, and yes, I accidentally deleted it. I’m slowly rebuilding it but dear god it’s painful. For those who are interested in that sort of thing, I use Zim Desktop WIki

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