Writing is…


Nerine Dorman has tagged me with a Writing is…? meme.

And my answer is going to be the most boring ever, so let’s keep it shortish, yeah?

Writing is…

a job.

It’s one I’m kinda okay at, and it’s certainly more fun than working in an office.

Like all jobs it has ups (moments of flow, reading is ‘work’) and downs (subbing, subbing, subbing). The highs are fucking fantastic – that moment when you just hit a sweet spot in a story and everything is shooting out like literary jism (that metaphor, it is bad. It is SO BAD, that I have to leave it there, because omg yeah. Wow. Bad.)

And the lows are pretty sucktastic. No-one likes being told their work is crap. So yeah, that blows. And rewrites can be a bitch. But they can also be more fun than actually getting the first draft down.

But despite the lows, it’s not a job I’m giving up any time soon, because hey, I can play my music as loud as I want and no one can complain (dude, I have Patrick Wolf on repeat, someone would have killed me in an office by now), I can work in my pyjamas, I can spend a whole day reading and not feel guilty, I get to call my holidays and excursions “research” and yeah, I make shit up and get to play a glorified kind of Barbie and Ken with the imaginary people on my computer (oh wait, no, that’s Sims, carry on.)

Basically, writing is my job, and my job rocks.

So if you want to do a “Writing is…?” post, link me to it in the comments so I can see what writing means to you.

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