Writing Goals for 2014


There’s no point in recording goals that are out of my control, but for now, the writing is still mine, and that’s what matters.

1: Turn in Beastkeeper before the end of January. BAM
2: Send in the 3rd Oreyn book to my editor.  BAM
3: Write one short story a month (and sub the good ones – that part is quite important since I tend to convince myself not to.)

  1. jan
  2. feb
  3. march
  4. april
  5. may
  6. june
  7. july
  8. august
  9. sept
  10. oct
  11. nov
  12. dec

4: Finish the rewrites on That Angel Poly Book by end May.
6: Finish the first draft of The Ghost Book By end August.
7: Write 100 words every day on The Shadow Book.
8: Look into smaller markets for The Book That Dare Not Speak Its Name.


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