To celebrate the paperback début of House of Sand and Secrets, Folded Wherry are running a give away on Goodreads (alas, US, Canada and UK only. I will be running another one on the SA side when I have copies. :D)



Because May 31 is the most awesome day in the world (I was born then, so naturally it should be a day of universal celebration) it seems as good a day as any to announce the winner.. Until then, go clickenzee the link.

People have said nice stuff about my book, and you should trust them, because they didn’t write it.

“It is deeply thought-provoking, movingly romantic, and heart-wrenchingly satisfying. A definite favorite of the year, this is one story I don’t want to forget.”  – Ivy Book Bindings

“House of Sand and Secrets leaves When the Sea Is Rising Red behind in quality, feels, and originality, an incredibly rare quality in a sequel indeed.”A Reader of Fictions

“What I like about Cat Hellisen’s stories is that she has created a complex and rich fantasy world with a detailed society and political climate, and stuck a very human, personal story about one girl within it.”Love is Not a Triangle

“I think above all else it is clear that Cat Hellisen is a master storyteller. She has this boundless imagination and she writes books that don’t really fit into certain categories…”The Flyleaf Review.


Good luck!

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