Win a copy of Cape Town zombie novel, Deadlands


I have in my hands an extra copy of Lily Herne’s YA zombie novel, Deadlands.


All you have to do in order to win is comment (here, or my lj if you read via flist) and I will stick your name in a hat. Yes, yes I will.


Because I am feeling flush, this is an International competition, open to all.


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13 Replies to “Win a copy of Cape Town zombie novel, Deadlands”

  1. Wow it would be cool for a broke student of Literature like me to win a copy of this book! Into the hat I go 🙂

  2. Please put my name into that there hat thingy!

  3. I’ve recently come to LOVE Zombies, so yes please!!!!! I’d love to win a copy

  4. Ahem, potential to win a free book on zombies? Sign me up! Thanks for the amazing generosity 😉

  5. inspired – the author has achieved what I have set as long time goal. ala’s – would love a copy of this local talent.

  6. hoorah for hats! Especially international hats.

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