Since moving here we’ve had some garden encounters with wildlife.

Small wildlife, but yeah. This is a post about crawly things.

First, we had the dreaded snake invasion of 2010, when the Idiot Hound brought in what I think was a poor little house snake.

It’s a dead pretzel, poor thing.

poor snake 🙁

Then Sprog The Younger found a tortoise in the kitchen courtyard.

Lastly, while watering my plants, I got to watch this baboon spider watch me. Then he went back under the pot. It was the coolest thing. Pretty tarantula!


Okay wow, I’m sure I’m reaching new lows in blogging but these were all pretty exciting for me ngl.

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  1. I think seeing the wildlife is pretty exciting! Snakes, tortoises, and spiders are all very cool.

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