When the Sea is Rising Red – cover reveal

34 comments on “When the Sea is Rising Red – cover reveal”

  1. Noah

    Oh my god. I followed a tweet to this cover. It’s gorgeous! DO WANT.

  2. Kristin Halbrook

    It’s stunning! I love the milky, misty water with just that patch of deep red hair.

  3. J. Anderson Coats

    I’m speechless. That’s absolutely breathtaking. Hazy and grey, with just a slice of red – wow.

  4. Gina Rosati

    Fantastic cover, Cat!! I want to reach into my computer screen, pull it out and read it right now!!!

  5. Elana Johnson

    I was just trolling the Apocalypsies site, and saw your cover. It is BEAUTIFUL. I went to find out about your book on Amazon, but couldn’t. So I’m gonna stalk your site here. :)

    Congrats on the cover!

  6. Cat Knutsson

    How did I miss this? I mean, I saw it on FB, but it was itty bitty there…and now, here it is, and so beautiful! You must be a very happy Cat…

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