Wheeee no time left in my universe!


The Spawn and I have started school.


This time both Younger and Elder Sprog are at school, and it’s a little intimidating teaching two very different age groups. The first day was pretty much the definition of awful. When The Slave came home I was despairing that I’d be able to cope with teaching both of them, and so he got to deal with a very Sad and Grumpy Cat.


Today was so much better. Obviously we had to shake the last of the holiday slacker vibes from our skins. One of the coolest things about staying home with them is hearing the weird and occasionally funny shit they come up with.


The Younger Sprog is not under any pressure to go to school because she’s Grade Naught, so we have a very flexible set-up where she plays as much as she wants, and she does “school” when she feels ready for it. This is way more often than you would think, by the way. This afternoon she came to me in the lounge and very seriously says, “Can we do school now – I need to take a break from playing.” Hah. Not quite the order you expect to hear those words in.


As for writing, well, let me get back into the school day rhythm before I make any commitments. I have the feeling that I’ll actually end up being more productive than I was over December. We can only hope. What a waste of time that was…

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