What would we have to drink?


“If all the world were paper, and all the sea were ink. If all the trees were bread and cheese…”

I think that’s the world I live in.

But before I get into that. April is turning into a fantastic month for the writers I know whose work I love.

First, Rose has sold her beautiful Gedarrien to Fantasy. I am vindicated! yes! This story is made of awesome. Dancing cities. Oh. oh…oh.

And second is still top-sekrit stuff. But to the certain person on my flist experiencing agenty goodness. :D. I am beyond happy for you :D.

Okay back to the paper cities and seas of ink.

Rose an I were talking about how awful first drafts are. and the convo went a bit weird, but true. And silly. So here it is, all quoted and stuff.

Rose: that is the truth of 1st drafts.
cat: yeah, first drafts are maps of suckage
cat: you kinda have to find the valleys of goodness between the deserts of crapatsticness
Rose: search for the lost goodness
cat: we are the cartographers of wordage
Rose: the navigators of the paper seas!

And that, my friends, is the truth.

ETA: Rose responds in poetry.

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