Welcome to my world of paranoia


I stay at home with my two kids, and in-between laundry I try to write (generally I break it up into four periods of 500 words – doesn’t always happen).

One of the things that makes me panic is when strangers knock on my gate. I can easily see who is there from my window, and if it’s no-one I recognise, or I’m not expecting a delivery, I WILL NOT OPEN. So, mr man, rapping endlessly and then walking along my property boundary peering over the walls to see if I’m in and hollering at me is not going to make me leap up and open the door.

Now, he’s probably just some guy looking for construction work (he’s wearing a blue uniform-thingy) but I’m still not letting strangers onto my property. You must think I’m mental if you believe that me, an unarmed woman with two small kids, is going to let ANY unknown person in.

Oh he’s gone.


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