Week 2 – Low Red Moon


Woops, i forgot to post this one yesterday.

The red moon feels bigger than the world today so low in the the sky and bunny likes the feeling of lying in the long grass and waiting for it to fill her like a god. The angels came to her in the morning and told her all sorts of things about kings and cabbages and other things she can’t remember but what she can remember is this that she’s supposed to lie here now and wait.

The waiting is boring and bunny has never had patience that’s why her mother calls her bunny because she has the brains of one her mother says but that’s okay because the angels didn’t go to mother at all and bunny smiles a secret smile and waits for the moon to fall.

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2 Replies to “Week 2 – Low Red Moon”

  1. I like the results from this prompt. It is really kind of creepy and I would like to know what the further story might be.

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