Week 1 – Prompt


My muserific friend Sayitwhirly has set herself a microfiction challenge. But she’s crazy, so it’s all good.

Anyway, I’m kinda stealing the idea from her, because I am a thief of things.

I did something similar before and then slacked, but this time I shall attempt to be a wee bit more productive. They’re really just exercises, and I’d love it if you played along. Feel free to leave links to your results.

So, every Monday I’m going to post a prompt, and by Friday I’ll have the story up. My rule is this: no longer than 500 words.


Week 1 Prompt:  Glass Hands.

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2 Replies to “Week 1 – Prompt”

    1. Haha I make no promises that it will even be readable. Short form is not my friend.

      I’m looking forward to comparing fic one with fic 52 and seeing if I’ve learned anything.

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