We have all the time in the world…um, no wait.


Started the home-schooling programme today.


Fun and exciting, but I’m so used to writing in the morning when my brain is fresh. Now I have to find time between house cleaning, children teaching, baby snuggling, husband feeding, and breathing to get in a spot of wordage. *grins*

Thank god I can multi task, ’cause I’m eating breakfast and blogging, and I’ve written a thousand words (or less – but close to it anyway) while playing with hob an lam. Go me.

Technically, South Africa has a law where you can’t start schooling kids until they’re six. *Sigh* The Slave and I are starting Noa-sprog’s schooling this year, and just taking it slow. Like most kids her age (five) she has a natural love of learning that we want to encourage. And so far she’s having a whale of a time, working in her new school books, and more than that, getting my undivided attention.

Yesterday I finally watched Brokeback Mountain. Once I got over the first half-hour’s obsession with beans, I got into it. Sad. Saaaaaad.

*is depressed by a movie – pathetic*

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