War-singers, Saints and Readers


It’s an inspiration post. I used to do these a long time ago, and then I just stopped. Because I am lame.

But yeah, I’m back to trying to work out a way to bring all my reams of world-building into my novel without turning it into Oreyn: A History; or the birth of magic in a penal colony.

In the Hob-verse there are three accepted magics (there are loads of others, but being the prats they are, the ruling Lammers like to stick their fingers in their ears and go LALALALALA THERE IS ONLY US.)

Within the three groups there’s a hierarchy – castes among castes. Saints -seers – who are rare, and pretty much feared, worshipped, and secretly despised; War-Singers, who are powerful manipulators of the air, and who end up doing most of the defensive work (and ironically, mucking about with glass), and the poor little Readers, who come last and are tolerated only because they can read people’s auras, which makes them pretty useful in negotiation and spying.

In Sea Rose Red, my main character comes from a family of War-singers (well, most of them are War-singers, who cares about the rest, yanno?) and she was born with the power to manipulate the air.

and glass.

Although the glass never comes into it.

Because it has nothing to do with anything.

Except random world building.

But when I do picture the kind of glass I imagine in the city of Pelimburg, it’s pretty much this:

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  1. I love the glass part. the fact that they would not only use their magic for war and defense but also for creating beauty.

  2. Your world is completely amazing.

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