Today is not a productive day. I am slothgirl, ready to hang limply upside down from a  tree, growing moss.

I’m supposed to be teaching the sprogs, but yeah. Like that’s going to happen.

Instead I shall have coffee, edit, watch tv, watch tv, have coffee, think about cleaning, and just generally turn into a gooey puddle of bleh. I blame it on having finally caught up with all the doctor who and now I’m jonesing. How can I be expected to work in these conditions?

Also end of Kuroshitsuji II. *cries*

waaaah now I must find new things to occupy my time. New delicious fixes of fixy type stuff.


So – how do you feel when a series or season of a fave show ends? Do you cling to the hope that there will be more one day, or do you just move on to the next thing in the queue without a thought? And what is it that makes characters and stories get their claws so deep that we just can’t shake them off, even when everything is over?

Got any faves to share?

In other stuff – I found this article about writers via the musers this morning.

And I was amused because HEY THERE

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