Tuesday Teaser


Read the Epic of Gilgamesh today. Man, was Gilgamesh a twunt.

Scrapped Firedancer has a new new name – Null and Void. We’ll see how long that one lasts.

So now we’re at 3228 / 90 000. Go Cat Go!!!

In the interests of jumping on the Tuesday Teaser Bandwagon, I present you summat from this morning’s 1500 words. Not all of it, lucky you.


The Eye.

I did not just see The Eye.

I lean forward, finger jabbing at the volume control. Dev begins wailing again, but softly this time – just his usual constant whine. I thumb the up button, and the tv reporter’s voice drowns him out.

– appears to have been some kind of escape. Details are uncertain as yet, but we can tell you that the Inquisition has apprehended at least one of the Compound inhabitants.”

Flash cut to The Eye’s face; the whites of his eyes are ivory yellow in his dark face, and his crown of hair looks wilder and thicker. He snarls into the camera, and struggles in the grip of the two robed men holding him.

He’s not doing anything. Why is he not doing anything? There should be storms, and winds. He should be raising all of the air against these bastards.

Instead he struggles like a human. Then I see the small plastic ties on his wrist as the the camera pans behind his back. They’re striped, deceptively candy cane bright.

Null-strips. So it’s true.

I crawl closer to the telly and put my fingers to The Eye’s screaming mouth. They’ve blanked out whatever he’s saying, and I realise that this is a recording. Of course. I don’t even know why I thought it was live. I drop my fingers.

Depending on when this happened, he could already be Nulled.

The image flicks back to the reporter, who sits primly behind her fake desk and enunciates at her unseen audience.

His Divinity, Godking of Cero, Seventh Avatar of the Sovereign Voice, has declared that there will be a public execution of the godtraitor on his Feast Day. Plans have already been made to include the Justice in the festival program, and we all are sure to enjoy it!” She smiles bright and false, her white teeth perfect and clamped trap-jaw tight.

Holy fuck.

I sink back onto my haunches, and breathe again.

Today’s gardening was limited to planting out some flowers (I have already forgotten what the were…dahlias?) bush beans, kale, chard, and marigolds.

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2 Replies to “Tuesday Teaser”

  1. Great teaser!

    I envy you planting and starting with spring. Here we had frost this morning and we are predicted to get a winter storm tonight and tomorrow with up to 16 inches of snow.

  2. Snow!! So exciting. 😀

    Well, we just had our first rainfall last night, so how spectacular is my timing? Yay!

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