Tuesday Teaser


Busily being busy, revising and rewriting Nulled & Void.

Here’s an an excerpt, because I like to pretend people read this blog. 😀

He sat alone in his room in the top floor of the clinic. Dusky red light played across his desk top as the sun dipped lower. In the centre of the desk was a small glass ampoule, of the type normally used for injections, and in it was Sarik’s key to opening the gateway between this world and the Amnio, from where all magic flowed. He wasn’t looking at it. He didn’t need to. Sarik knew it was there; knew every curve of the glass, knew the lime-sharp smell of the chymical within.

A shadow flickered across the open window, but Sarik made no move to raise his head from his hands. The bland office was being slowly overwhelmed by the smell of night-blooming jasmine as the night shadows lengthened. A puff of air blew across his desk, and a coil of his hair caught against his neat beard.

Finally, the intruder spoke, and her voice was soft and low. “You should have stopped them.”

“Thank you, Ditmira, for pointing out the obvious after the fact.” He forced himself to lift his head; it was leaden and sticky, glued to his palms by sweat and despair, “And how would you have had me do that? Chain them up? Crawl into their dreams and pacify them like niggling children?”

The woman shrugged one elegant shoulder. “If you’d had to.”

“It’s not a pleasant thing,” Sarik said, “Trampling through another’s dreams. I do it only if I really must.”

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    1. Thanks! Of course, now that I look at it I’m like AAAH DESCRIPTION OVERKILL WTF

      such is the penalty for posting unbetaed work. hee

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