today i went


out for beer.

This is my day in pictures.

First stop, Empire Cafe for a Darling Ale.

Muizenberg was looking pretty sweet, warm and not too windy.

Then we heard the shark warning, and as you can see, the flags were up. Notice how there’s no one in the water…

Then we walked back home, and now I’m all fagged out.

ETA: I also went to the Empire bookshop and bought 2 new books and went out for fish and chips and more beer and bought 2 hats… 😀

I just didn’t take pictures of that.

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14 Replies to “today i went”

  1. Yeah, false bay is prime great white area, so we have shark-spotters up in the mountains, and if they see one they sound this really loud alarm, like an air-raid siren. It’s where I got the idea for the lookfars and their horns from.

    The flags are different colours depending on visibility – that one there means there’s a been a definite sighting and people should gtfo the water.

  2. I don’t think there’s enough money in the world to get me into the water anywhere a system like that is actually needed. I’m going to go hide now.

  3. Cool pictures! The beach looks amazing don’t care if there is a shark flag.

    1. Oh I had great fun! I played the little-known game of jellyfishsplat! where you jump on dead jellyfish and make them go SPLAT!

  4. Your ocean and sky are SO BLUE. *jealouses*

    Also I love the Shark Warning flag.

  5. Wasn’t Fish Hoek where that poor guy was killed by a great white, a year ago? That made international news.

  6. Pssst.
    The really, really blue pics?
    Your camera’s white balance was set to “Incandescent” aka “Tungsten” aka the little lamp icon.
    Difficult to correct after the fact in a JPG. Easy in RAW.



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