To marry the untold blisses


I feel a little like a fourteen-year-old at the moment, counting down the days for Sundark and Riverlight to get to me (hush now, I know at least two people on my flist understand, or if not, will give me pats on the head and tell me everything’s gonna be all right).

As much as I adore the growls and yelps and woops and disco-violin and sizzleclick electronica on the early Wolf albums, I’m really excited to hear how these versions are going to sound (from the few tracks I’ve stumbled on – Vulture sounds homfgamazeballs so yeah).


Basically, they are going to sound like this, so Patrick’s voice is going to be centre stage (which only seems to happen when he’s playing live to an audience of four and the wind is blowing from the ssw and he remembers the words…:P) and nggghhh yes. All the yes.


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