time for a spot of direction


I am the lamest blogger in existence right now. 😀 Sorry, blog, I’m still out here, I haven’t forgotten you.

Still trying to find a house to rent, still catching up on meeting old and new friends.

But, we went for an amazing walk from Newlands Forest to Kirstenbosch Gardens on Sunday. I tried to take a pic, but it’s on my phone and this comp doesn’t have blue tooth. SUCK.

Been working on some ideas to make SRR better, and I’m done with that now. Now I need to decide – do agent revisions on Hob? Do agent revisions on Black Wings? Whip the first draft of paper Teeth into shape? Finish the first draft of The Madness of the Heart? Finish the first draft of Null and Void? Write something new?

Okay, I really need some focus. I should also at some point tell my agent that I have a sort-of sequel to Black Wings already written. But I don’t wanna kill her. Also, first I should probably wait and see what’s happening with poor old BW.

Hmm I think I’m going to go get my musers to vote on what I should work on next.

results to follow.