This year just gets better.


Another friend of mine has just been offered representation. And man, he’s been hard at work at this for a while, so yeah – perseverance!

Ryan Gebhart, who writes funny, who writes boy, who writes dystopia, who writes MG, who is pretty much all round an awesome guy, is now repped by Mary Kole from Andrea Brown

So go over there and say WOOOHOOO. 😀*


*Don’t tell him he looks like Ron Weasley; it just confuses him. *g*


2 Replies to “This year just gets better.”

  1. Thank you catgoddess!!!

    And I’d say I look more like a Beck/Ron Weasley/Tom Petty love child.

    1. my pleasure! (also, so your origins are all hoyay, yeah? i can get behind that hundreds)

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