This was going to be a post about nano hahaha


And instead i found love.

With this remix of Marlon JD. We’re getting married on tuesday or something.

which is what I imagine would happen if the Manics had grown up writing music on Commodore 64s instead of guitars and were secretly Joy Division.

Allow me a moment to ponder the beauty of that concept.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Not-So-Secret-Manics-Fan and I love the original but nnggggghhhh electronics. Yes. mmmm.

And scanning through all the MSP remixes on the tube of you are just making my morning fantastic.

So basically.


ETA: I edit this to mention that this is actually a post about editing. because originals fucking rock. We all know that, And sometimes remixes suck so hard you want to find the person responsible and feed them their own entrails.

But other times remixes take something cool and do strange and amazing and just…fucking brilliant stuff.

And that’s like editing, I guess.

It’s not what it was, but it is what it is.

And sometimes that’s a better than good thing.

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