there’s nothing wrong with a lady drinking alone in her room


I’m in a pretty big depressive-crush at the moment.

Some of you know exactly why, and you also know that your encouragement means a world to me, even if sometimes it’s so hard for me to believe it.

It’s also easy for people to tell you to snap out of it, to keep yourself busy and don’t give yourself time to think about it. I know this shit. I know it objectively, but it’s hard for me to just take all my misery, fold it up and throw it out of sight. I do try, but somehow it unravels and comes crawling back to me, like a genetically-engineered scarf.

The Scarf of Misery. It goes so well with the Trench coat of Woe.

Fuck this shit, imma go write.

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2 Replies to “there’s nothing wrong with a lady drinking alone in her room”

  1. Ah that Trench Coat of Woe… How comfortable we find it. I think it is tiem we have a barnfire to burn these coats and make our selves some nice new bright sparkly ones. We could name them the Trench Coats of Bright and Sparkly 😀

    Whatcha think?

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