The wyrms lie in dank terrariums and shed empty papery skins



Morning spent fixing the Hobverse selkie story, A Sun-Bright Prison.

I had a long, hard think about subbing. I tend not to write short stories, so choosing not to sub them feels a bit like I’m giving up before I even begin. I had a look at it and I think it’s too intimately connected to the Hobverse mythos. I dunno, perhaps I’m wrong and it stands alone fine. It’s very hard to judge one’s own work.

Also, it’s pretty much a coming of age story and I think those sort of get default lumped into YA? Again, I don’t know. Publishing is strange and I don’t really understand it. I’m not sure anyone does, actually.

But I’m taking a break from reading novels. At the moment it’s non-fic and short stories to season them, which is how I stumbled across the story Mulberry Boys, by Margo Lanagan. I really enjoyed it, so if you’re in the mood for a short story, here you go:

On a less fictitious note, this article on Hijab Tourism articulated for me a lot of things I had felt uncomfortable with but couldn’t quite pinpoint what about them was bugging me.

(image from wikipedia)

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