The Season Approaches


I guess it looks like I’ve been very quiet recently, and I suppose I have. I’m having a Year, I guess.

In the spirit of looking back at 2017 with a positive frame of mind, here are the things from this year that I’m happy about, or proud of.

  • The BIGGEST of all: I did not kill myself. It was a close call. Also, I almost always take my meds and I am doing better at talking to other humans.
  • The Boy and I are learning ice dance, and although trying to follow patterns when you have dyspraxia is a pain in the proverbial, I am doing okay (by my standards, ha). I also have two different colour gloves to help me tell left from right, and that small tip has really made a difference.
  • I finished writing¬† my novel The Three Faces, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth and tossing 70k and rewriting in a completely different direction. It’s my “retelling” of Snow White, which like all my retellings, bears no relation to the original. I mean, it’s there, but you may have to squint. The Three Faces is the story of an unwilling step-mother and her relationship with her step-daughter who is more like a younger sister. There’s loads of embroidery and magic, also poison and poisonous lies. And bears. And I’m proud of that book.
  • I sold my first short story antology to the wonderful NewCon press in the UK, and I’m excited to be working with them.
  • I made art.
  • I ran writing workshops
  • I did editorial work
  • I’m still here.

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