The rain it raineth every day


Uh, I’m close to my 3G cap, hence the lack of internettish face-showing.

It is grey grey grey here, like Cape Town’s weather took a wrong turn and came to the gold fields for a change of scenery.

Perfect pobs weather, as the Slave says.

So I made pobs. Now I don’t touch the stuff, but everyone else has been happily cramming down the pasty raisin-dotted goo like it’s manna. Ugh, sick sick puppies. Still, it’s worth it to see them enjoying it.

In good news, looks like The Slave and I will be making it to Afrikaburns (the SA regional burning man) so I’m well chuffed. Kaleem and I are conspiring on our ideas, but mostly it’s pretty chilled, just organising the stuff we need.

In not so good news, Grand Prix season has started and because the damned race was on at four in the morning there was zero opportunity for us to watch. Kimi was driving like a tit from all accounts though, so it’s probably a good thing I didn’t see it.

And load-shedding has started up again, so power has been intermittent. Fun fun fun. Yay for third world infrastructure.

Uh, don’t want to end on that, it’s too negative a note. So I shall say that things are looking good in the world of words, and that I’m feeling somewhat stunned and laid-back at the same time, if that makes any sense.

Probably not.

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