An archive of speculative fiction written by South Africans, the list includes fantasy, science fiction, and related works – horror, dystopia, etc. This is simply a list with links, and not a review site, I pass no judgement and kept the list alphabetical.


This is a work in progress – if you know of more, email me at cat at cathellisen dot com with the details. In the interests of keeping the list manageable, please only link me to works published by a reputable press, thank you. For the majority of authors, I’ve linked to Amazon simply because it’s easier for international buyers.


A – Anthologies that include many SA writers – AfroSF

– Adeline Radloff – Sidekick

– Alex Smith – Devilskein & Dearlove

– Angela Meadon – various short stories and novellas


C – Carlyle Labuschagne – Aftershock, YA dystopia series

– Cat Hellisen – When the Sea is Rising Red, House of Sand and Secrets, Beastkeeper.

– Charlie Human – Apocalypse Now-Now, Kill Baxter

– Cristy Zinn – The Dreamer’s Tears


D – Dan Jacobson – Confessions of Josef Baisz

– Dave de Burgh – Betrayal’s Shadow

– Dave Freer – (Dave Freer often writes together with Eric Flint and Mercedes Lackey) – Much Fall of Blood, The Rats the Bats and the Ugly, Pyramid Power, (and loads more.)

– David Horscroft – Fletcher

– Duncan John Reyneke – Nails in the Sky


F – Fred Strydom – The Raft


H – Henrietta Rose-Innes – Ninevah


J – Joan De La Haye – A prolific horror and specfic writer with many works listed here


I – Iain S. Thomas – Intentional Dissonance


L – Lauren Beukes – Moxyland, Zoo City, The Shining Girls, Broken Monsters

– Liesel Schwarz – A Conspiracy of Alchemists

– Lily Herne – Deadlands, Death of a Saint, The Army of the Lost

– Liz de Jager – Banished, Vowed

– Louis Greenberg – Dark Windows


MMasande Ntshanga – The Reactive

– Monique Snyman – Collections of short stories, appears to be mainly horror.


N – Nadine Gordimer – July’s People

– Nerine Dorman – Prolific writer of fantasy, horror, and SF – works listed here.

– Nick Wood – The Stone Chameleon


P – Paul Crilley – fantasy (children’s and adults’)


R – Rachel Zadok – Sister-Sister


S –  Sally Partridge – PickPlanet X

–  Sarah Lotz – The Three, Day Four

– S.L. Grey – The Mall, The Ward, The New Girl

– Something Wicked – a South African Horror/SF magazine, still produces anthologies


T – Toby Bennet – Mainly horror and fantasy – works listed here


W – William M. Timlin – The Ship That Sailed to Mars

Z – Zakes Mda – The Whale Caller (some might argue that this is not SFFH, but I think it meets the criteria)



  1. Larissa on November 24, 2015 at 3:05 pm said:

    The Raft, by Fred Strydom 🙂
    It’s great! Should definitely be included 🙂


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