The Master List of Interesting


A friend suggested writing down all the things you find interesting, and from there work out the kind of fiction you want to write – the stories you really want to tell.

It’s a fun exercise, and oddly, most of the stuff that crops up has already appeared in everything I write 😛

So here’s mine so far. (I keep adding to it, heh)

-the ocean
-mist and fog
-Survivalism/Anarchism (related because of post-world-melt down)
-Myths and legends, esp the epic motifs of sacrificial kings/men and tricksters and death-queens)
-symbolic cannibalism (can’t think of a better way to put this – stuff like my mother she killed me my father he ate me from The Almond Tree)
-fantastical animals
-ruined cities
-reconstructed human bodies (including prosthetics)
-folk tradition – english ballads
-found family
-alternative lifestyles (travellers, squatters, communes etc)
-pretty straight boys being not straight.
-girls with guitars
-old houses
-card games and card divination (cards in general, really)
-birds, birdwatching
-rivers and waterfalls and mountain forests
-The Wild Hunt
-nudibranchia, cephalopoda, anemones, jellyfish, seahorses/pipefish
-beer (beer-making)
-self-deprecating humour
-fraught family dynamics
-weird sexual dynamics*
-crazy architecture



* Turns out the Amazing Kelly Link did something similar, and I stole some from her list.

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  1. I love this! Yet another reason to always keep a little notebook on my person…

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