The compost heap that ate Primrose.


In one corner of my garden is a huge and neglected heap. Presumably it was a compost heap, and that’s what I’ve been using it for.  I’ve been too scared to dig it up and find out what was lurking in its rotting depths. Unfortunately, it was beginning to take over that corner of the garden and so something had to be done.

Alone, kitted out with nothing but my grubby  gardening attire and my trusty shovel, I attacked the heap. Several days of back-breaking labour later and I have: A far smaller new compost heap, several large chunks of rusted metal that may once have been car parts, half a bicycle wheel, four large rotted logs, and a host of their smaller cousins, two rotting buckets, several unidentifiable beer bottles, a plastic sabre and two empty grey 2 litre cooldrink bottles.

I’ve also mulched several of the beds, and built a new one for the peas.

Yep. It was a big heap.