Thanks flist, You rock.


Polony and mayo rolls with added crisps do not a diet-friendly lunch make, dearest Cat.

Just so you know.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the an an’ and issue, and for taking the time to say why certain things worked or didn’t. You’re all good peoples. And another thank you to Rose who forced me to confront my infodumps in The Dreaded Sex Scene. Gah. Me and sex scenes.

I’m on chapter 20 of the chapter by chapter synopsis, but work is going very slowly thanks to a small person interrupting me every minute to bring me a cup. Kinda makes concentration difficult. I now have a row of coffee cups lined up in front of my monitor. *sigh*

Bee was here the other day, and T and N were at their most demanding. Bee just watched with a sort of growing look of horror on her face as I attempted to deal with their every whinge and whine. Eventually she said “How did you manage to write a book?”

I still don’t have any idea myself.

Does the fact that I want to make these for Christmas presents say something about me?

Random thought for the day: My ring tone on my cell has been Scissor Sisters – Filthy and Gorgeous for well over a year now. I think it beats little mewing kitties and other such mawkish kak, but people tend to give me odd looks when my phone goes off… maybe they’re just not expecting *my* phone to start singing “‘Cause you’re filthy, and I’m gorgeous” in a camp falsetto.

So, what’s your ringtone, and what do you think that says about you?