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There is only one answer to the question.


Yes, please.

The Slave and I have started on the grand adventure of home-brewing.

We’ve just bottled our first batch (a kit beer, but I can see this turning into an expensive and crazy note-keeping hobby – if anyone asks why we bother with science and maths at school, just tell them it’s so we can make beer one day) and I keep staring at the bottles, waiting for time to pass.

(Problem? What problem?)

Anyway, I have decided that in order to be able to easily sanitise all my equipment, I will need a bigger house and kitchen. *ahem* Just saying. It’s also very difficult to keep stuff sanitised when you have two sprogs going IS THE BEER READY? and three cats trying to stick their noses in everything while pretending to not be interested.

Damn, beer, why you not ready?

Ow my head


Why did I dream about me having an IM conversation with Poppy Z Brite in which we discussed Princess Di and Courtney Love?

Seriously brain, get back in the box.

Also, this is a reminder to myself that beer and Amarula are not a particularly intelligent combination, and I should please never do that again.

Ever. Even if in my inebriated state I (think I can)  hoop like a demon.

I had a look at the cds left out last night. So now I know I was happily listening to Hole, Manic Street Preachers, Denim (wtf, brain, wtf?), Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. Was I retro or what?