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Create Small

#createsmallThis morning I was having one of my daily meltdowns where I decide I can’t do anything and everything I try I will fail at.

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Crop-rotation of the soul and other granola concepts.

Right. Crop rotation. You probably learned about this in school, yeah, but a quick refresher – you have four+ fields, in each you plant a different crop, the following year, you move all the crops along, and you give one of the fields a rest, planting it up with something like vetch to give nitrogen and stuff back to the soil.

Okay? We clear?

And why the hell am I talking bout crop rotation?

Because I’ve come to a realisation thanks to Beth Wodzinski about how the various pursuits she loves all draw from the same energy source, and that got me thinking about how I do something similar.

I have only so much whatever, and when I feel like I can’t write anymore, I should not look at it as stalling, or writers’ block, but as an opportunity for crop rotation.

So right now,  instead of freaking out that I’m not working on a book, I am planting a different seed. (If you follow me on instagram or twitter, yeah soz,  have been picspamming. :P) I’m working on other creative things – fixing things in the house, doodling, gardening.


These all are good for my creative brain, and they fulfill the need to be making something, while also being productive and giving the word-field a chance to recover, to get rich and fertile in time for the next season.



something fishy

My friend Elissa Hoole has been making doodles, and I loved what she was doing so much that I was inspired to go buy some fineliners and paper yesterday, and scribble away.

Doodling is safe. It’s okay if I fuck up because it’s just a doodle. No one expects it to be a masterpiece. So I can just enjoy the process. Something I’m remembering from doodling is that it all looks crap until you add more. More colour, more layers, more shading, more line.


Applies to books to yes?

I need to get back to The Silver Bowl, and I need to not worry about fucking up, because it’s just a doodle and I can rework it later, and with every layer of detail, it will look less crap.