Super-easy coconut sago pudding


I am trying to “eat down” my grocery cupboard before we move, which means I am occasionally throwing together leftover things and hoping for the best.

This very quick “pudding” came out really tasty, and I’m kinda bummed I didn’t think to take a pic. I will definitely make it again though. Because it’s all the last bits of bags and stuff like that, I dont have any actual measurements, but with a recipe this simple you cna adjust to taste anyway.

Here’s what I had:

  • Some sago
  • 2/3 can coconut cream (CREAM, not milk)
  • an egg
  • sugar
  • a lime.

Here’s what I did with them:

I boiled up the last of the sago, then rinsed it clear, drained it and added sugar, about half of the remaining coconut cream, stirred in an egg (in retrospect, though I like the golden colour it turned, if you wanted to keep the cream white, then just use beaten egg white), grated in some lime zest, and cooked for a few minutes over low heat.

Served in a bowl with a dollop of cold coconut cream melting on the top.
Yeah, I said it was easy.

I can imagine this looking really pretty served as tiny portions in small clear glass tumblers, with a bit of extra lime grated on top of the dollop of coconut cream.

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