Let Tuesday be a day of lists.

Crit   yay! Now to go mash a pot of java.

Trace pattern Hah! And it only took me like an hour and a half. My sewing skillz, let me show you them. (or not, really)

Start revisions I am so dope. 😀 I am following the Slave’s advice, and catching all the nitpicky stuff first and then going on to the big rewrites. First six are down. Progress!!!!

Clean house Take that, unbelievers! *smites the dust bunnies*

Work on choreography. *sigh* I have so much fear bound up with this song. I don’t understand how people choreograph a dance. All I know how to do is dance what feels right at that moment. Even with the same song, that’s not always the same feeling every time.

I’ve got a few key points in the dance where I know the exact movements, the rest of the time I just play within the confines of the beat and melody. So it’s not really a choreography is it? It’s improv, I guess. On the plus side, no-one is going to tell if I’m improvising or not. On the down-side, I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

I’ve been dancing for close on three years, and I feel like I’m useless.

Venture just ran down the passage with a mouse in her jaws. Bslaveboy, your cat is so busted.

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