Story-tending as the end looms


A bit of a round-up of Stuff Done This Year, or Stuff Still To Come.


It’s been a pretty good year (OH DAMN EARWORMED MYSELF) for shorts. I set myself a task to write one short story a month, and…welp, kinda failed but we shall see if I can catch up.

Shorts written so far this year:

Golden Wing, Silver Eye

I’m Only Going Over

Squid Ink


(Title left out for reasons)

A Green Silk Dress and a Wedding Death

This is How We Burn

In progress:

Oshaketri in the House of Owls

Oma Zoli’s Mirror

Sold so far this year:

The Face of Jarry – Dreams from the Witch House

The Girls Who Go Below (reprint, originally published in F&SF in 2014) – Best of Weird Fiction II

I’m Only Going Over – DSF (still to be published)

Serein – Shimmer #26

Golden Wing, Silver Eye – Ghost in the Cogs

(Title left out for reasons) – Water, Short Story Day Africa

So as you can see, I’m not quite at my goal for short-story writing, but I’m doing better than I used to (which was write one story a year and then cry because no-one wanted it  :P)

Novels this year have been a pain. I’ve been struggling with having faith in myself as a writer (never read reviews, kids…) and I keep starting novels and then telling myself no one will ever read them and I’m useless and wasting my time. So good times, yeah.

I’m sitting with a handful of books at about the 20k-30k range (and yes I know this is where most writers give up, I am a statistic.)

WiPs (some of these have been WiPs since 2012 so don’t think I’m that productive hahaha)

Mundus – my fish-dream novel, and the one I keep writing short stories for (The Face of Jarry, Dreaming Monsters, Oma Zoli’s Mirror)

Empty Monsters – Hobverse novel I am currently rewriting into 3rd past.

The Silver Bowl – my take on Snow White (with tenuous links to Mundus, actually, everything I write has tenuous links to Mundus. Mundus is where the worlds meet.)

Cat & Fiddle – I was trying to write something light, but it’s turned into bone diseases and bloody revolutions and betrayal so…I guess not.

Paper Teeth – when Edward Lear met Lovecraft in a shower of madness-inducing spore and boys turned into moths and girls into birds. Linked to my short Jack of Spades. Reversed in Something Wicked.

Troll Maiden – what it says in the tin. A book about trolls.

Shadowskin – kind of a sequel to Three Dog Dreaming, linked to Oshaketri in the House of Owls.

I really need to pick one to actually finish, and it needs to stand alone, and vaguely appealing to readers who are not called Cat Hellisen.

There are also three novels more or less on sub, so there it’s just a case of waiting to see if any of the hooks look pretty.

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