Steps into the ring, fists bound in rags.


Chapter 21 in the chapter by chapter synopsis of Incredible DOOM is down! Yes! *punches air.*

We have new wordage on the wolf book – DiS is currently sitting at 4 000/90 000.

Yesterday was the first time I wrote new words since giving up this writing-shenanigans a month ago. I’ve set myself the rather do-able goal of a page a day until I feel like I’m not going to be overwhelmed by the idea of writing again.

Bit I quite liked:

“And it’s not enough?” Quinn’s voice was shaking, the tears about to spill. Leonard hoped he’d get to the point soon, because he didn’t want this old man, this beer-bellied cop, blubbering all over the new leather couches. The couches were cream and buttersoft. Clean, warm, inviting skin.

“Time, Mr Quinn.”

I’m craaaaving Green & Black’s organic dark chocolate. Oh payday, you cannot come fast enough.

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  1. oho! Cat’s got the cross-posting gig up!
    you can allow comments to be left on livejournal as well, of course.

  2. Argh, yeah, I kinda bombed lj, but hopefully it’s all sorted now.

    I’m still slowly figuring my way round this place.

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