sparklies and words.


I’m like eleven chapters behind on Kuroshitsuji so…my days have meaning again. (That is, I am catching up all the manga).

(aaaaah Toboso Yana I love your art, let’s be best friends, mmmkay?)

There is no way in hell I am ever going to be able to catch up with the Bleach manga these days and let’s be honest, too many characters my brain hurts so…sorry. Yeah.

As for When the Sea is Rising Red, I think I’ve written my final gift drabble for a while, I just need to post it. But it *is* written and I am all yay. Also. Done.

In the meanwhile, revisions progress on Beastkeeper (slowly, I dunno, it was so quick to write but I’m less than excited by it at the moment. That’s how this game goes – you just need to keep plugging away until the joy comes back.) and I’m taking a break from the adult novels (I have three completed, one with betas, and four in various stages of undress and experimentation) and slapping that YA book around for a bit. See what I mean about finding the joy?

So yes, things are happening, but they’re all under-the-surface things, so not terribly exciting to talk about.

Anyway, I’m off to indulge in pretty messed-up Ciel. Yay! Fun times!

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