Somewhere to scrape your body off my feet

Cat has been a busy cat.

In our tiny-little, most ancient house we have an entrance hall that is too small and awkward to do anything with, until Cat came up with the idea of using it as a computer station. It was practical but ugly. White walls, dark wood trim. Just bland and ugh.

Today Cat changed all that.


Cat also decided to wash the ancient draft-excluder-thingy that came with the house. Uh…

Yeah. When Cat went to open the washing machine she did not find said draft-thingymajig, but five rather ancient saris instead, so she turned one of them into make-shift curtains.

Yes, indeed.

Unfortunately you can’t see the insanely nuclear shade of orange that the walls actually are, because the camera, she be crap.

Imagine walls the colour of Fanta Orange.

Yeah, baby.

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