Someone take this rock off my back.


I was having stress mountains of stressfulness, but they’re kinda mostly sorted.

The hafla I was supposed to be doing a solo for (I got told I was…. anyway) is now off my back. Mainly because I found I’d double-booked myself, and celebrating my best friend’s birthday at Ezemvelo meant more to me than being sick with fear at dancing in front of people.

So part of the crushing feeling has gone.

The dance-peeps want me to bring their tickets back on Sat (understandably enough, although I’ve never thought of myself as the kind of person who would steal tickets, and they’ve danced with me for about 5 years, so yeah you would have thought they know this much about me, but I digress….).

Unfortunately, I actually can’t afford to go to dance class this month, so I’m going to have to drive all the way there to drop the tickets off, and then explain why I’m not staying for class, and no matter how I spin it, it’s gonna sound like I’m making an excuse to not be there. Ugh. I hate human interaction. Like a whole lot. I can’t handle social pressures.

Hmm wait that makes me sound like a crazy.

I mean I can’t handle negative stuff well.

But there has been some good news.

Like the Sekrit Santa that had me absolutely floored and wtfing a whole lot, is now complete (first draft.) I mean yeah, it needs work, but I was so stuck there and I was feeling pressured and guilty and stupid but now the worst is over. Hoorays!!!

Also! 25k on the NANOVEL!!!

I am made of so much win. 😀 I mean it’s dreadful, but I’m having fun like woah.

Also, plotting continues for the PPP, I’m up to chapter 7/20 on the outlining, and I have an opening.

I like to mutilate ponies in my spare time.


A girl’s gotta make a living.

Anyway, it’s not what you’re thinking.

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