Some Rather Nice News


Last night was Bloody Parchment, the literary wing of Cape Town’s annual Horrorfest. This was the first year Bloody Parchment joined the rest of Horrorfest at the main venue (the wonderful Labia Theatre) and I think it was a good move to bring the two together.

I was one of several writers reading that night – some read their own work, some chose to read other people’s stories, and there was a nice mix of classic horror, from the usual horror icons of serial killers and monsters, to plagues, man-hunting dogs, dead film stars, and soul-swapping zombies, and finally to chat about the films and fiction of horror icon Clive Barker.  Prizes were won, wine was quaffed, popcorn munched, jelly brains and eyes squished, and Nosferatu watched over everyone like a really ugly angel.

Thanks to all those who came through, and to all the organisers and participants for inviting us along. 😀 It was also really nice to meet some new writers, because as you can tell, Cat doesn’t get out much.

So that was fun, and then I got to start my weekend with some good news, when a friend of mine pointed out I’d made the Short Story Day Africa short list. So that’s pretty cool, yes indeed, I think I owe myself a glass of vino now.

Also Nano starts soon! YIKES!  I was hoping to get EM done by then, but alas, not yet, so I will just keep keeping on, and cheering you all from the side lines.





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