Snot snot snot. Oh and some guy called Neil.


I’ve taken to calling miss T Snot-Hitler as she has a permanent snot moustache.

In good news, I worked like a growly little terrier on hob, fairly flying through these revisions. One thing I am doing is changing Jek’s an to and. Only a few people complained about it, but I just decided there was no point in alienating readers. Using and has changed the cadence of his speech, so I’ve had to rewrite some dialogue and narrative for rhythm, but in the end, hopefully I’ve gained more than I’ve lost.

Noa was busy copying out The Wolves In The Walls yesterday and proudly informed me that she was writing a book. “Then I’m going to sell it,” she stated, as she put the finishing touches to ILLUSTRATEDBY.

“Uh,” I said. “A nice man called Mr Gaiman may have a problem with that. Why not write your own book?”

This brought on much wailing and gnashing of milk teeth. “But it is too difficult for me! I do not know how to write!”

Ah yes. A child after my own heart. Well, except for the plagiarism bit.