Slacker cat is a slacker


WordPress just ate my post so I am full of grrr right now.

It was witty and articulate and interesting.

Okay, no it wasn’t, but it could have been if I’d wanted it to.

Actually it was just me wangsting about my inability to make phone calls or email people because I have communication issues.

And then I was full of happy because thanks to my super-awesome betas I think I’ll have Tiny Violins down soon.

Also, I should probably tell my agent at some point that I’ve kinda unexpectedly written an adult sequel to the YA she’s currently shopping.

And we’re back full circle to my inability to email people.

I blame my mother, yes?

eta: oh and I totally forgot, but this is my new opening. Love it, hate it, poke it with kebab sticks – it’s all one to me.

Fuck magic.

No, really – fuck that shit with a fucking cordless drill.

It skitters through the air; an electric pulse that echoes the boom from the club’s speakers. The unexpectedness of it is so jarring that I look up from my turntable, my hands shaking.

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