six things about cat


Steph Bowe did a “sixteen things” post, where she also encourages her readers to jump on the bandwagon.

I’m NOT doing a 33 things post because dear god.

six things. six things works for me.

Thing 1: I get obsessively fangrrly about certain anime. And no, I’m not saying which ones. I like to keep what tattered cred I have.

Thing 2: I hate the smell of almost all deodorant. *watches as the room clears.* What? What did I say?

Thing 3: I eat vast quantities of food. VAST. Extraordinary amounts. So much that I scare myself.

Thing 4: I am really loud, and really shy. The louder I get, the shyer I am. Unless I’m drunk. Then I’m just drunk. Okay, maybe a little shy, but mostly drunk.

Thing 4 and a bit: But still loud.

Thing 5: I hold grudges for a long time, for really stupid reasons. And I keep lists.

Thing 6: Incredibly insecure? Why yes. I blame my mother and her endless doomed quest for perfection. SEE MOM I BLAME YOU. 😀

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