Short Stories:


This Reflection of Me–  Jabberwocky 3

The Subtle ThiefSomething Wicked Issue 4

Jack of Spades, ReversedSomething Wicked Issue 17

Mother, Crone, Maiden –

Waking Apex Magazine 58

The Girls Who Go BelowFantasy & Science Fiction, July/August 2014.  Reprinted in Best of Weird Fiction 2, 2015

Mouse TeethTerra Incognita

Counter-Curse – A Beastkeeper prequel.

SereinShimmer Magazine 26

Golden Wing, Silver EyeGhost in the Cogs, steampunk anthology

I’m Only Going Over – Daily Science Fiction

The Worme BridgeWater, Short Story Day Africa Anthology 2015



A Green Silk Dress and a Wedding Death – The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction






Consider this cut footage for the Books of Oreyn, like extras on a DVD


The Aftermath

Four Drabbles from When the Sea is Rising Red

Heirloom Dreams, a Hobverse story. (Or, how Harun and Isidro ended up together, a love story in reverse.)






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