Shhhh I’m not here, not really.


Soon, oh so very soon, I will be on the road with the Slave, the two sprogs, the two hounds, and the four ninjas.  I will have nothing left to my name but what seems like 5000* boxes of books and two suitcases of our clothing.

I will be leaving behind a house and the roots I’ve put down over the last six years.

I’m thrilled and excited and more than a little terrified.  There are so many oh gods and what ifs that I’m driving myself and my family insane.

Also, writing? What is that? My brain feels too pressurised to even contemplate working on books right now. I’ll get back to it once we’ve moved, though. And I’ll come back to it with all the fervour of a reformed drunk hitting a bottle of vodka because my god there will have been adventures! in the interim. Yay for brain-food!

So if my posting is intermittent, just think of me driving through the karoo at night, trying not to get flattened by trucks and/or hitting ghost springbuck, and hold thumbs that all goes well. 😀

*16, I think.


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  1. Eee! I’m moving too! This weekend 🙂 I have less stuff to move probably. (No ninjas or sprogs). Good luck. Hope all goes well!

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