Sharing Writers: Suzanne Young


It has occurred to me that I am surrounded by a wealth of talent.


Shush, I know, it sometimes takes a while for the obvious to sink in.


I’m surrounded by the most fantastic people, people I like and love as people, and it’s only later I kinda twig to just how amazing they are at what they do. I mean, I already know they’re amazing, I just sometimes forget that they’re also hella talented. I know writers working in fantasy, contemporary and literary genres, I know poets and photographers, editors, crafters, musicians, film-makers, dancers and designers.


Everywhere I go I meet people so inspired by the world around them that they are driven to create. To share.


So I want to do a series of posts introducing some of these people to you.


If I go back to my poor old gmail, one of my very first emails was from a writer called Suzanne Young. We’d met over on the AbsoluteWrite boards, and I’d offered to beta her novel Ginger Snaps (Suz, stop cringing, I loved that book). We were both agent-hunting, sharing our laughter and mutual grief at the publishing industry. She still had her dog as her avatar. Hahah the things I remember.


Many things have happened to Suzanne since then, but the years of hard slog have paid off. Because hello, look at this gorgeous book:



Nnggghh, right? Now, somewhat unfortunately for me, because I live on the arse end of the universe, I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive. So no reviews yet, but over on goodreads this is what people are saying. And just linking to that made me want to go track my order. COME ON BOOK, I NEED YOU.


Suz is just one of the amazing people I know, and I’m hoping to introduce you to some others in the weeks to come. This is gonna rock.

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  1. I loved A Need So Beautiful! I can’t wait for her next book.

  2. I remember that dog avatar from the Blueboard! And I think her name was Rosco?! LOL Can’t wait to read NEED too!!

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