saturday in pitchurs

How Saturday went:

Writing. This stares at me from the wall. Sometimes it’s all I have.

gardening. good for what’s left of your soul.

And because man can not live on bread alone, I had this with butter and cheese.

How was your Saturday?

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4 Thoughts on “saturday in pitchurs

  1. Beautiful. 🙂 I am strongly tempted to beg off cooking dinner and just have bread and cheese.

    The husband is off with his role-playing buddies. I spent most of the day in less photogenic fashion, stimulating the economy — locally via the farmer’s market, internationally as the seasons are changing here, and the kids need long-sleeved stuff.

    And shoes. Always with the shoes. Then we went to the park.

  2. Love the boots! On Saturday, I had a discussion with a bug in our garden. It didn’t reply. Maybe because it was a Chinese bug. 😉

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