Revision in rainbow frocks

Occasionally while trawling the internet I stumble across something that is both brilliant and simple. And it makes me go oh wow yay!

This time it’s a revision technique by YA author Cristin Terril, who has this neat little colour-coded thing she does to her manuscripts. I tried it out on my first scene of the current WiP and it’s rather an eye-opener. This is going to be a useful tool for me. If you’re also visually-minded, I think this will appeal.

(This is an accurate representation of me, revising. Yes. That is *exactly* what I look like)

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6 thoughts on “Revision in rainbow frocks”

  1. The color coding system is brilliant and I’m going to employ it IMMEDIATELY. Or, you know, whenever I stop goofing around on the Internet and start writing.

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