seven hundred and fifty reasons to join


Yesterday on twitter I decided to resurrect the old 750 words a day practice so I would stop slacking with this novel.

I first came across it on LJ a few years back, when Elizabeth Bear had an lj comm where people would track their goals and encourage each other. I don’t even know if that comm still functions, and if it does, I felt it would be a little weird to just barrel in there now.

Instead I was going to track on twitter and the goal was really to get people to join in, to foster that camaraderie and community that comes with sharing our goals and applauding the efforts of others, but then…poor twitterfeed. Hahaha.

So I’ve decided to make a small bare-bones forum where people can track their progress with their 750 words a day, and get imaginary gin after.

it’s here: sevenfifty. if you’d like to join in. I’m looking forward to it.

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